Germination Teapot

Germination Teapot

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Made by the same artist as our other Germination series teaware, this teapot features a delicate, organic form with a black and silver glaze exterior.

There are 2 pots available: Black (100ml) and Silver (80ml). We advise wiping down the silver teapot after use to prevent the oxidization.

The inside of this teapot is unglazed rough clay. As such, we recommend using it with one type of tea. If you are uncertain which type of tea will suit it best, we recommend trying with a few different types and seeing for yourself what’s best. Seasoning and absorption of characteristics is a slow process that won’t be hindered with a few brews.

Learn more about this artist here.

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Weight130 g
Dimensions11 × 6.5 × 6 cm
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