Nirvana Wood Fired Teapot (Si)

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This teapot was made in Jingdezhen and employs a “plant ash” (草木灰) glaze, which is then wood fired. These factors give each teapot a unique and dramatic pattern on the exterior, which the interior remains unglazed. As such, we recommend dedicating this teapot for use with a chosen type of tea.

The results of wood firing teaware is dependent on many factors, including clay composition, firing duration, location and placement in the kiln, shape of the kiln, type/composition of wood being burned, and much more. Each teapot is fired for several days, requiring a significant amount of wood to be used as fuel, which in turns increases the cost of production.

This particular teapot holds approximately 200ml of liquid and has a flat 7 hole filter. In addition to some beautiful colouration and drips in the finish, the lid handle is literally the cherry on top. The clay used is a mid-grade white clay (中白泥) from Jingdezhen area. Compared to our similar pots from this series made from high-grade white clay, this clay is slightly less pure and a bit rougher, which in turn produces more noticeable results from the wood firing process.

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Dimensions13.5 × 9 × 9 cm
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