Relix Hucheng/Pot Support

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Similar to our Brix pot supports from the same studio as our 1001 Teapots, these trays feature a variety of glazes/colours, but in this case with additional engravings and designs on top. Please make a selection below to confirm the appearance and size.

Each pot support also holds approximately 250-500+ml of liquid and can be easily emptied via a small hole in the corner.

Please note that there is no way to open these up for cleaning (other than breaking them). Therefore we highly recommend thoroughly rinsing them after use and avoiding letting tea sit inside for too long. Don’t be lazy, people – wash your teaware!

Another note: Some of these tea boats are rough on the bottom. Please use caution when placing them on delicate or easily scratched furniture or surfaces. To avoid damage, we recommend either placing them on a runner of some kind (cloth or otherwise) or adding small rubber feet (easily found at Home Depot or your local equivalent), which will allow some clearance, but also provide grip.

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Additional information

Weight1600 g
Dimensions24 × 24 × 4 cm