Spirit of the Valley Teacup (Small)

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Possibly some of the most beautiful teaware we’ve come across yet, these cups are as much pieces of art as they are teaware. The subjects for these pieces are inspired by the artist’s wanderings in nature and the sketches they produce.

The fanggu (imitation antique) style of the clay and glaze is pleasantly contrasted by delicate paintings and gold adornment. Each piece is made with the intention of achieving a primitive simplicity – a beauty that is natural and outstanding at the same time.

These pieces are also intended to have an old, used feel to them, yet are also surprisingly light and thin-walled in some cases.

Each piece is fully made by the artists. This starts from mixing the clay to his own specifications to achieve that rough “fanggu” look. He then individually wheels each piece before painting and glazing them. The glaze used is “qinghua youlihong”, which while looking nice, adds an extra layer of difficulty in terms of successfully firing.

The first firing is a high temperature reduction firing at 1320 Celsius, after which point some pieces will be traced with gold. The piece is then fired a second time at 720 Celsius, sealing in the gold portion and contributing to the smooth, tactile feel of the piece.

Each cup hold between 15-35ml of liquid, making them great cups for Chaozhou style brewing with a small enough gaiwan. Please make a selection below to confirm the exact appearance and size.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

Fully Glazed

Production Type

Handmade, Handpainted

Production Region