1001 Teapots Flash Sale -Teapots #198-209

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We’re offering this batch of 1001 Teapots in a bit of a different format.

Select a teapot below to confirm the appearance and size. As usual, each of these teapots feature a unique high fired glaze and are unglazed inside, with the exception of #206. They all also have ball filters.

Please note that as this teapot is made from rough clay, the lid may or may not seal perfectly, especially compared to tighter fitting purple clay pots. If you find the seal to leak, we advise using a smooth, steady pour to avoid drips without sacrificing pouring speed.

We are also frequently asked about what type of tea to use these types of pots for, and our answer is always the same: it’s up to you. These pots are made from a high-fired rough clay, so they’re likely not quite as porous as purple clays. While it’s not a bad idea to dedicate them to one type of tea, it’s not the end of the world if you use it for a few different things. The best approach is to try it with various teas and see what suits it best.

Learn more about the artist of this teapot here.

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Weight120 g
Dimensions9 × 8 × 8 cm
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