Our Black Beauty 2009 Gong Ting is a high grade ripe Puer. “Gong Ting” (Imperial palace) grade ripe teas are comprised entirely of tips, which give it a more delicate, sweeter quality. As this grade of tea is all small tips, it is not as often pressed into cakes, but sold loose, making it an easy ripe Puer to take on the go. In the case of our 2009 Gong Ting, this has allowed it to develop beyond what you would expect of a typical ripe Puer of the same age.

As with all ripe Puers we choose to sell or enjoy for ourselves, this Gong Ting has a very clean taste. We even suggest foregoing a “wake-up” rinse, although that’s up to you. This tea does not waste any time though, providing a rich, flavourful brew from the first infusion. By the second infusion the soup is a deep, yet bright brown-red colour.

Ripe Puers are believed to aid in digestion and are less abrasive than their raw counterparts, making them a good choice for any situation.


This tea was sourced through the co-owner of a factory in Puer city. Her tea from this factory is primarily produced for the Taiwanese market and is kept to a high standard of quality. For more teas from this source, have a look at our 2015 Yue Guang Bai White Tea.

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