Dian Hongs are a special breed of black tea, and this 2015 Spring Feng Qing Golden Tip, or Fox Tail as we’ve affectionately named it, is no different. Comprised solely of high quality tips from Feng Qing, this highly fragrant Dian Hong has a sweet, smooth taste throughout. It’s impossible to miss the consistent scent of freshly baked caramel cookie, along with a hint of citrus sweetness. This is apparent from the smell of emptied cup and even the smell of the soup.

This medium bodied tea is very pleasant, but without being overwhelming. We highly recommend this for drinkers who enjoy black teas and are looking for something new. If you are unfamiliar with what a Dian Hong tea is, please have a read here for more info.


This tea comes to us by way of the previous head of production and quality inspection with the formerly government owned Lincang Tea Factory. He now produces his own teas and has been able to work with us to provide this Feng Qing Dian Hong (as well as our 2015 Fall Bing Dao and 2015 Spring Bang Dong raw Puer.

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