This 2015 Yue Guang Bai, or Moonlight White, is a great “anytime” tea. It is refreshing, but without lacking body or character. A Yunnan specialty, the method for processing this tea is the simplest of any variety. Two leaves and a bud (the hairy, silver leaves) are picked from big leaf trees in Yunnan and then left outside overnight to dry. The product of this is a clean tasting, slightly oxidized tea.

Made from Jing Gu Spring material, our 2015 Giant White is gentle, but with an underlying wildness, especially when compared to your typical white teas. In the initial infusions, it has a delicate sweetness that works together with a very slight grassy taste, all held in a light yellow soup. As you get to steeps 3 or 4 and on, a little more orange is added to the soup and some of the grassy taste is replaced with a thicker, citrusy sweetness.

Lighter than a black tea, but smoother and less vegetal than a green, this tea is really in a category of its own. As with Puers and Dian Hong black teas, this tea is able to endure several brewings in a session – at least 10 infusions.

After tasting the 2013 and 2014 versions of this tea, we can say that it also fares well with ageing, developing a deeper, smoother taste with each year. As they say about white tea in Chinese: 1 year old is tea, 3 years old is medicine, 10 years old is treasure.


This tea was sourced directly from the co-owner of a factory in Puer city. Her tea from this factory is primarily produced for the Taiwanese market and is kept to a high standard of quality. For more teas from this source, please see our 2009 Gong Ting Ripe Puer.

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