This ripe Puer is one of our best bang for your buck offerings. Similar to how “Gong Ting” refers to the Imperial Palace grade of ripe Puer, this 1kg “Tu Si” ripe Puer brick was originally bestowed upon tribal leaders and therefore of higher quality. This tea was acquired as private stock through a close acquaintance within the Zhong Cha tea company in 2007, and is available in limited quantity. Produced in 2006 in Menghai, it has since spent its time in controlled Kunming dry storage.

Our Grizzly Brown ripe Puer shares several traits with our Moose Crown, such as a smooth, thick body, a mouth-filling feeling and overall clean taste. During the initial brews it exhibits a slight forest taste (at least in comparison to the Moose Crown) for the first 2 or 3 infusions. After this point it has a date-like sweetness that is very easy to drink. It has a big, present taste and body, but without all the mud and dirt that come with a lot of lower quality ripe Puers.

The soup starts off as a bright orange-amber that gradually gets darker through infusion 1-7 before starting to taper off again. After drinking, it leaves a slick feeling in the mouth and a sweet fragrance.


This tea has been privately stored in Kunming dry storage by one owner since 2007.

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