Sweet, floral and fragrant are the best ways to sum up our Hummingbird 2013 Spring Jing Mai Ancient Tree raw Puer. After only a little more than two years of storage, this tea exhibits the best qualities of a young raw Puer, with very little bitterness and relatively little astringency. Showing early signs of maturing, it still has a very active and lively character, but but without being too abrasive.

Its sweetness leans more toward the floral side, and is a bit more subtle when compared to something with a heavier honey-like sweetness (such as our Ice Queen 2007 Bing Dao). The huigan (sweet aftertaste) is gentle, as it gradually comes through, and then stays for the long haul. Its fragrant taste also leaves a lasting impression in the mouth. The soup feels crisp and clean in the mouth, causing more a more salivating than dry feeling.

This tea is comprised of spring gu shu/ancient tree small batch material. In our opinion this is a great young sheng for drinking now, as well as a good candidate for ageing, as it has remained complex, yet balanced.


Direct sourced from a small ancient tree garden in Jing Mai.

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