Our Pearl Buds 2015 Spring Jasmine Green Tea, along with our Silver Egret Jasmine, are currently our only non-Yunnan teas on offer and technically also our only green teas at the moment. Using green tea from Zhe Jiang, this tea was produced in the unofficial Jasmine flower capital of China, Heng Xian, Guangxi, this tea has a lot in common with its Silver Egret sister tea, but features a more prominent green tea flavor to balance out the Jasmine scent, thanks to its 1 leaf + 1 bud composition.

Refreshingly light with a perfumed sweetness, high quality material and high quality processing have ensured a balanced and clean tasting result. Each pearl is the result of being meticulously hand rolled. We recommend enjoying this tea in glass teaware, allowing you to appreciate the leaves and flavor as they unfold in front of your eyes.


This tea comes to us direct from a family who has been producing Jasmine tea in Heng Xian, Guangxi for several generations. Meticulously produced according to secret family recipes, this (as well as our Silver Egret Jasmine) was a tea we had no choice but to offer it.

For additional information and insight into the complex process of making Jasmine tea, we highly recommend you sip some while watching this episode of CCTV’s Yi Pian Shu Ye de Gu Shi (A Leaf’s Story). There are no English subtitles, unfortunately, but the complexity of the Jasmine Tea process is apparent even from just watching.

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