Our 24K 2015 Da Xue Shan Ancient Tree Huang Pian Raw Puer is worth its weight in gold, but for a fraction of the price. This tea is a prime example of a young raw puer that is great to drink now. We highly recommend this tea to those who are just starting to get into puer, particularly younger raw puer. While bitterness or roughness aren’t things to be scared of, this tea is on the gentle side, but still provides adequate flavour and interest. It is also an easy one to brew, as it’s very forgiving if over-steeped.

Huang pian simply refers to the larger, yellow leaves that are often pulled out of the production of raw puer largely for aesthetic reasons. Despite their rougher appearance, these leaves tend to yield a sweeter, smoother soup. Larger leaves that have been on the tree longer also contain more nutrients and minerals. In the case of this Da Xue Shan (Big Snow Mountain) material, it also has the benefit of ancient tree origins.

This tea produces a sweet, golden clear soup, with minimal bitterness and astringency. Don’t let the price fool you – despite being considerably less than some other sought after productions, this huang pian easily gives you reasons to consider drinking it regularly.

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