Our Dear Comrade 2007 Bulang is an excellent young-middle age tea for those seeking a deep flavor and lasting huigan (sweetness). This tea has a rich taste and texture, with some early bitterness that quickly turns to sweetness, as Bulang teas are known to do. There is some woodiness and smoky taste present, however not to the same extent as our Red Star-7542 cakes. This tea is made from fine material with plenty of tips and can be described as having good “cha qi”, or tea energy, producing a light, relaxing sensation in the body. This is undoubtedly a tea that will continue to develop well with ageing, but is great to drink now just the same.

This tea was purchased as part of a private collection in Kunming in 2007 and has been held by the same owner ever since. This was originally produced by the Li Ming factory under the “Ba Jiao Ting” label in Menghai in 2007. This factory’s history dates back to its inception in the 80s, and has since established a reputation as one of the top factories in Yunnan. The label reads that it is “Arbor,” “Ancient Tree” and “Early Spring” material. Wrapper claims should always be taken with a grain of salt, especially from the period this tea comes from. With that said, we promote this tea based on its taste, quality, and potential for ageing above any claims on the packaging.

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