This 250 gram brick of aged Lincang raw puer is an excellent middle ground for those who seek both the deep smoothness of a ripe puer and the present flavours of a raw puer. This 14 year old tea balances those two things exceptionally well. On one hand, it’s had time to develop a deep camphor-like scent and medium-orange soup. On the other, it still has some lingering raw vibrance and fragrance, not to mention a lasting huigan.

This tea has plenty in common with its 2002 bamboo stuffed counterpart, but overall tastes slightly more developed and hints towards a little extra time in humid storage. This is an excellent tea for both drinking now, as well as continued storage.

This tea has spent much of its life in Lincang County, Yunnan, and more recently Kunming dry storage. The soup has a clean taste and appearance, with minimal storage scent.

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