Reaching our destination for this tea was no small feat. Buried over 2.5 hours up and in a jungle, this tea was picked from an old tree garden of at least 100 years old. The tea produces a good huigan and has a unique fragrance that is easily noticed towards the upper-back part of the mouth. With a little roughness, this tea is not too abrasive or bitter, but has very good “cha qi”/tea energy.

Much of this tea’s uniqueness is owed to its remote location and lack of human interference. The garden is located just above a river, with wild banana trees scattered around it and plenty of sunlight. While we don’t detect any noticeable banana flavour in this tea, it certainly has a special and indescribable aroma that sets it apart.

With many villages and areas all throughout Yunnan looking to achieve the same kind of notoriety and status as popular villages like Lao Ban Zhang, Bing Dao, Gua Feng Zhai and others, we prefer keep this tea’s source a secret. Suffice to say, it’s outside of Yiwu at ~1450m elevation. This tea manages to keep up with the big boys, but comes in at a much more affordable price, which we hope it can stay at for future seasons.

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