Easily our favourite tea we sourced for spring 2016, this Mansa raw puer is a knockout in every sense of the word. This tea is comprised of ancient tree material from Qing and pre-Qing dynasty, which was left largely untouched until 3 years ago. While famous villages from the nearby area often command prices that are several times higher, WMD handily blows them out of the water.

Descriptions of tea often include elusive qualities or have a certain level of subjectivity to them, however, this is a tea that we can say is unmistakably rich in mouthfeel, and has a very strong cha qi (tea energy). The soup is smooth and complex, producing an expanding feeling in the mouth.

Energy and mouth-feel aside, this tea is quite balanced overall, and doesn’t have any overly-domineering characteristics. There is a mild amount of early bitterness, good fragrance, and an excellent huigan and sweetness. This tea has typical Yiwu region character, but with more presence and complexity.

We can’t stress enough that this is a powerful tea – do not underestimate it, and handle with care. This tea is deceptively strong and can creep up on you. While this is a tea anyone can enjoy out of the gate, for those new to puer we recommend drinking your way up to this tea in order to fully appreciate the complexity and nuances.

Claims of aging potential are also quite speculative most of the time, but again, this tea gives us every reason to believe it will only improve over the years.

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