How to Earn Tea Miles with Referrals

Refer a friend, get Tea Miles! All you have to do is:

  1. Copy the referral link in “My Account”. You can paste in the URL to a specific product that you think someone might like, or just generate a link based on the default URL.
  2. Share this referral link with a friend or anyone who you think might dig Bitterleaf.
  3. Once they have successfully completed a purchase over $25 (excluding shipping), you’ll see 500 extra Tea Miles in your account!
  4. Tea Miles Referrals and Reviews – How To

How to Earn Tea Miles with Reviews

Tell people what you think, get Tea Miles:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your account and then find the tea you would like to review (must be a tea that you have purchased)
  2. Leave a review over 150 characters long
  3. Get 100 extra Tea Miles in your account! Repeat the process as desired.

*Please note that referrals should be real people and must be first time customers. Creating an account under an alternate email address or any other actions that violate the program terms of use will result in exclusion from the Tea Miles program without warning.

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