Wholesale Tea & Teaware

We provide wholesale sourcing for all tea types, with additional options of pressing and packaging for puer.

For those interested in becoming a distributor, we also provide wholesale/bulk pricing for a limited selection of our in-house lineup.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for loose teas is 10kg (per tea), and 20kg for tea that requires pressing (puer, white tea, shaihong, etc).

If you require an amount less than this, feel free to contact us anyway and we can discuss options.

We also offer wholesale/custom teaware for selected pieces. Due to the nature of handmade and one of a kind ceramics, as well as the limitations smaller artisans, some teaware cannot be offered at a significant discounts.

When inquiring about wholesale/bulk purchase of teaware, please be specific about the exact pieces or type of teaware (eg: Jianshui teapots, Liypad Kyusu, glass gongdaobeis, etc).

Please note that wholesale pricing does not include shipping. Shipping is billed at actual cost and options include China Post surface, surface-air-lifted or air shipping for international orders. Import and customs procedures are the responsibility of the buyer. Orders can also be shipped to any domestic port, again at cost.

Tea availability is often seasonal, so if possible, we encourage you to contact us at least several months in advance of the season you plan to purchase.

For all wholesale inquiries, please complete the form below:

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