Chill, Baby 2019 Manzhuan Huangpian Raw Puer

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Made from the huang pian of our Manzhuan material for Eden, this tea offers a similar experience in terms of flavour, at a fraction of the price.

Each brick features artwork by Lzhr Artwork in postcard format, giving you the option to keep it or mail it to whoever you choose, whether it be friends, family or enemies.

And because nothing is worse than unlabelled tea bricks, we’ve made sure to label the tea underneath the artwork, just use caution to prevent ripping the paper when separating the postcard from the brick.


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Weight250 g

3 reviews for Chill, Baby 2019 Manzhuan Huangpian Raw Puer

  1. 4 out of 5


    Very likeable and easy-going profile. Lightly floral and vegetal with a hint of dark honey undertone. Another good young sheng that would make a daily drinker.

  2. 4 out of 5


    Quite an interesting one to me.

    On one hand, the sweetness, complexity, huigan, cha qui and other characteristics expected from a puer are muted.
    On the other hand, I really can feel the quality of the material !
    It’s subtle (enough for the price), and yet its smoothness is foolproof : I tried various steeping times, and got pretty much the same result every time.

    I’m sorry to say that I didn’t enjoy many teas from this collection, because – while they had some qualities -they were quite rough on the tongue (some in early steeps, others in later steeps, but it always happened).
    Not this one.
    It’s thick and comforting.

  3. 4 out of 5


    This is a fragrant and fairly balanced although light tea. I liked the 2018 version quite a bit more, so I wonder if there is short term improvement to be expected from this one. We will see. The 2019 one seems to lack some punch to it – it’s relatively boring to be honest.

    The aroma is a mix of fruit tree flowers and a metallic one. Specific scent include likes of peach, orange blossom, and peat. The taste is light throughout the session, but the main flavour notes are cream, wood, and an ever present fruity sweetness. The aftertaste is cooling with a slightly more vegetal character, a bit like okra. Texture wise the liquor is smooth and silky, but quite light bodied.

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