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Back for 2019, this tea may appear more menacing than it really is, depending on your tolerance for bitterness. You might find this tea somewhat aggressive, and that’s fine. But if you have a reasonable threshold for bitterness, then this tea may be surprisingly enjoyable and balanced. If you are a fan of true face-melting, put-hair-on-your-toes type of bitterness, then you need to head over and pick up our Bitter End Xtra.

Made from Laomane arbor material, this tea is predominantly composed of the local sweet varietal of tea tree. Although more bitter than many teas from other regions, this varietal is still much milder than the local bitter varietal.

By now you probably already guessed that you’ll experience some “kuwei” (pleasant bitterness) with this tea, but the fragrance and sweetness that follows up in the throat is another key feature.

As mentioned, we highly recommend our Bitter End Xtra for those who wish to compare this tea to the bitter varietal, or those just need a little pain to remind themselves they’re alive.

Bittersweet, which is made from bitter varietal gushu huang pian.

Picking period: Pre-April 7


Get tatted: Simply drinking bitter tea doesn’t make you hard though – you need to be able to show it. That’s why this year we’re offering Bitter End temporary tattoos with each purchase of either our Bitter End sweet varietal or Xtra bitter. Check the box below when adding to cart in order to indicate that you’d like a tattoo.

  1. Remove plastic cover of tattoo
  2. Place the tattoo face down on the area of skin you wish to apply it
  3. Apply a wet cloth or sprinkle a few drops of water to the back of the tattoo – enough water for it to absorb but not be too soaked
  4. Apply firm pressure to the back of the tattoo for 60-90 seconds
  5. Gently remove the back paper of the tattoo to reveal your new badass self
  6. Avoid direct sunlight, water or any physical contact on the area for 10 minutes or more until it has thoroughly dried

These tattoos are made from non-toxic materials and we have every reason to trust that they are safe for human use. However, we take no responsibility whatsoever in the event of irritation, allergic or any other reaction. We don’t want to scare you, but just like with tea, our bodies all react to things differently and we’d like you to play it safe.

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6 reviews for Bitter End 2019 Laomane Raw Puer

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sara (verified owner)

    Despite the bitterness (or perhaps because of it), this tea is intriguing and complex with powerful energy. The bitterness is pronounced, for sure, but not painful, and just before the bitterness settles in (and it does take center stage!), there’s a delightful subtle sweetness and thicker, coating texture. I found my first session with it very interesting, and look forward to spending more time with this shifting, strong-natured tea.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I was a bit scared to try this after starting out with the Bitter End Xtra, but this tea is beautiful! Most. if not all, of the Asprin-like bitterness that I associate with LME is reserved for the aftertaste and it is light and enjoyable. The main notes are juicy fruits, berries, pepper, and something sort of clinical. The flavour comes on strong right from the first infusion and the tea has great stamina.

  3. 5 out of 5

    DJPAS (verified owner)

    Ohhhh if you have a bit of “taste knowledge” about Lao Man E you´ll identify this one as a true outstanding tea
    Its not just bitterness, it has returning sweetness, complex nuttiness (peanut skin?)
    Well I could glorify it even more but Ill have to stop and think that everybody should do their own tasting notes:)

  4. 4 out of 5

    Togo (verified owner)

    There are lots of subtle notes that only last a moment and it seems like the flavours intensify mostly after swallowing. However, I didn’t find the huigan unusually strong. The aftertaste is astringent with a lasting bitterness that is not abrasive, and a citrusy character (more of a lemon kind rather than grapefruit). Shortly after drinking, the savoury notes dominate and even though the sweetness eventually comes to turn things around, it doesn’t completely steal the show. The cha qi is very awakening and energizing, but not in an aggressive way. There is a strong chest warming sensation for sure though, as well as a light throat-cooling one.

  5. 5 out of 5

    dhfarber (verified owner)

    really amazing tea. you have to be careful not to overbrew it in the early infusions due to the bitterness, but it’s a wonderfully complex, flavorful, long-lasting tea. while the bitterness is the most noticeable trait, it’s also fruity, peppery, slightly vegetal, and with some sweetness. very nice medium-thick mouthfeel. significant cha qi. easily brewed 10+ times. brewed 7g/ 140 ml 98C water in yixing-style clay pot

  6. 5 out of 5

    Josh (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed my session with this tea. The texture is something else, very soft but with a solid body behind it. Bitterness is obviously a factor here, but it’s not overly aggressive. It’s surprsingly welcoming, actually – it sort of builds and blends together with that texture and an overall sweetness over many, many steeps. The cha qi hit me like a truck at steep number five. Very complex with lots to dive into outside of the expected Laoman’e bitterness.

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