Little Mountain Bloom 2020 Jingmai Raw Puer



Although these are pressed in a small format, this tea packs a big flavour. Made from slightly older qiaomu (arbor) material, it has a dominant floral character, as expected from Jingmai area teas. This is coupled by an expanding thickness in the mouth that coats and preserves the fragrance.

For gongfu brewing, we recommend either using a slightly longer rinse, or rinsing twice to help allow the leaves to open up a bit. Of course, you can also drink the first brews, but the flavour may be weaker early on.

Each little mountain is ~4g in weight. The size options below are minimums, and may contain a few grams extra. This environment this tea comes from is also excellent, having been tested against the EU MRL standard for 400+ pesticide residues in recent years.

Picking period: Pre-April 7


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Dimensions16 × 16 × 1 cm


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