Oz 2016 Xigui Big Tree Raw Puer



Arguably one of the top 3 regions in Yunnan with regard to reputation (and consequently price), Xigui is known for its distinct and lasting fragrance. This tea is comprised of a mixture of big tree and old tree material, which we interpret as being in the 70-100 year range, and 100+ years respectively.

This spring 2016 raw puer has an otherworldly fragrance that is without comparison. A perfume-like orchid scent fills the mouth and sticks to the throat. While its high notes take center stage, this tea also offers up a pleasant kuwei and lasting huigan that provide a pleasant diversion.

Already 1 year old, this is a tea that is likely to make a good investment as it both fills out further with age and as Xigui’s prices continue to rise.

We recommend this tea for experienced drinkers or those who are looking to understand the differences between top tier puer and, well, everything else. While those who have limited experience with puer or Lincang region teas can likely still enjoy this tea, we advise drinking one’s way up first, with this tea being an excellent starting point.


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Dimensions11 × 11 × 1 cm

100g, 15g

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  1. 5 out of 5

    JetYin Chiam (verified owner)

    A tea that needs to be drunk to be experienced. I thoroughly enjoyed the slow and calm “energy” this tea imparted, and reveled in it. Perhaps not for everyone, but certainly a tea worth trying.

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