Golden Nuggets Premium 2019 Laochatou Ripe Puer



A bit of an unexpected addition, we chanced upon these laochatou while attempting to restock our original iteration of Golden Nuggets (RIP). Thanks to the use of higher quality material, these little guys offer up an even smoother and richer brew, with a similarly pleasant date-like sweetness.

For those unfamiliar with laochatou, they are the tasty byproduct of the shou puer process. These sticky chunks tend to form at the surface of the piles and while they’re removed before pressing into cakes, they can still be equally enjoyed. Don’t worry if they don’t “open up” as you brew them, even after several infusions. This is normal and just the way they are.

We highly recommend boiling these on the stove, either initially or after several infusions.. This will allow you to extract the most flavour from them.


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