Treat Yourself 2024 Raw Puer Set

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When we get asked for recommendations, it’s almost impossible for us not to recommend at least trying everything. An easy and economical solution to try our entire spring offering with a single click, not to mention teas representing a wide range of terroir in Yunnan.

These sets are separated into standard and premium offerings, for those who may only be interested in one or the other.
Our standard level set includes all of our more affordable and mid-range offerings for this year, with 2 x 9 different dragon balls (7-8g each), or pick up a set of cakes (8 x 200g, 1 x 357g).

The Top Shelf set consists of 4 teas at a higher $/gram value. This set is available in 4 x 15g samples, or for those who enjoy the finer things in life, 4 x 100g cakes.

Not only do these sets come in a 10% discount compared to purchasing individually, but they’re great for those who are new to puer and would like to understand the differences between teas from different regions.


Our standard level set includes:

  • 2024 Year of the Dragon Yiwu
  • 2024 In Bloom Jingmai
  • 2024 TKO Nanben
  • 2024 Rizz Qianjiazhai
  • 2024 Long Live Yiwu
  • 2024 Bitter End Laomane
  • 2024 Slow Burn Baiying Shan
  • 2024 Obsession Jiutaipo
  • 2024 Oh Deer Kunlu Shan

Reach for the Top Shelf and get:

  • 2024 Gemini Kuzhushan
  • 2024 Wanderlust Daheishan
  • 2024 Gentle Giant Pasha
  • 2024 Higher Ground Tianmenshan

Many of our samples for spring 2024 are in dragon ball form. While these balls will perform the same as the cake, they can be slightly trickier to brew. Here’s how we do it:

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