Bitterleaf Prints Teapot Gang Poster

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For the teaware-obsessed, we’re happy to offer our very first run of Bitterleaf prints. There are currently 5 different matte-finish posters available, each measuring 48 x 32.5cm.

Each of these prints are 100% original and hand designed in-house.

The vintage pattern posters consist of 9 classic teapot shapes, overlaid with patterns traditionally used in Chinese architecture and various wares (vases, screens, clothing, etc). Each pot shape is labelled in English and handwritten Chinese. There are 2 options available, each featuring a unique, non-repeating set of pot shapes and patterns.

Our monotone teapot prints consist of the same teapot shapes and layout as our vintage pattern posters, but without the patterns.

For our fellow cat lovers, there is an additional print available featuring one of our two original mascots, Chairman (aka 猫主席), experiencing a moment of Zen (as he tends to do in “sandboxes”).

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