Lucid Teapot Drying Rack

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This is the teaware accessory we didn’t even know we needed. Using the same plant ash glaze to give it a natural feeling like our other pieces from the Lucid series, this rack is an extremely convenient way to store your teapot when drying after use.

We tested this rack with several styles of teapot and even a few gaiwans, and found that it works quite well with a variety of sizes. Of course we recommend checking the size of your teapot first before purchasing. The taller portion for the teapot body is approximately 6cm tall, while the shorter lid rack is approximately 3cm tall. This rack can effectively hold gaiwans as well, depending on size and your willingness to rest the lid the sideways.

This series was developed by a Chaoshan/Chaozhou native who relocated to Jingdezhen. His aim was to develop a line of teaware that is based on traditional functionality, but with a modern touch, employing clean lines and minimizing distraction.

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Weight 165 g
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 7 cm
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