Meowster’s Tea Room

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As the evolution of our Tea Meowster tea pets continued, they’ve gradually moved on from waiting for you to make tea for them, to taking matters into their own hands.

We specially commissioned this series of teapets (and tea pet accessories) to be made by our friend in Jingdezhen, Howard.

Each tea pet comes with everything it needs to be a self-sufficient Tea Meowster, including one table, one teapot, one decorate vase, two teacups and one brew mat.

Available in four breeds of cat, the white variant can also be a DIY project if you wish to paint it yourself (as we did), not to mention the white accessories (they proved too difficult to apply a glaze on) can also be painted.

Please note there may be some small cracks on the cats. These were unavoidable during their making, but don’t affect their performance or integrity. Please refer to the photos for an example.

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