Troublemaker Tea Meowster Tea Pet

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This incarnation of Tea Meowster is a special one, as it’s modeled after the artists’ very own cat, which in case it’s not already obvious, is extremely ill-behaved.

This cat’s favourite activities include:

  • knocking over the trash can
  • shitting in flower pots
  • killing small bugs
  • sudden attacks on water cups
  • “cleaning” the tabletop
  • drinking from the toilet
  • helping to bind books (with its teeth)
  • dominating the dog

Essentially, it will bully anything it can. If you have other tea pets who need to get in line, then this is your answer.

These tea pets can also come with a small dish for a small price – just be sure to select this option when checking out. This add-on is also fully handmade with love and originally designed to be used with essential oils.

Please note that these pieces are not necessarily fully glazed. As such, they may stain on the clay and painted surfaces if you shower them with tea.

Place of production: Jingdezhen
Material & Production: Painted Jingdezhen clay, handmade, gas kiln fired

Additional information

Weight 127.2 g
Dimensions 6 × 4.5 × 7 cm
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