Panda Society Wood Fired Teacup – Tiger

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These wood fired teacup each feature a hand painted design of a panda doing things with his tiger that you probably shouldn’t try at home, like petting, riding, or walking it. Actually, walking it isn’t too bad, since tigers need their exercise too.

In addition to the handpainted artwork, these teacups are each wood fired for several days. The results of wood firing teaware is dependent on many factors, including clay composition, firing duration, location and placement in the kiln, shape of the kiln, type/composition of wood being burned, etc., but each comes out reflecting various degrees of kiln changes (窑变) that can never be fully replicated.

These teacups hold approximately 45ml of liquid each. Please make a selection below to confirm the appearance.

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Weight 65 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4.5 cm
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