Origin Bamboo Wood Fired Gongdaobei

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Made by the same studio as our Cosmo series teaware, these pieces embody the same aim as their other teaware, which blends a simple and balanced aesthetic with an organic feel. This series also introduces a magic that only wood firing can provide to the equation. This several day process contributes to the unique appearance and pleasant feel of each piece in the hands.

This gongdaobei features a hand painted bamboo design and holds approximately 200ml of liquid.

This series of teaware follows a few trends that we seem to have gravitated towards over our years of seeking out new studios and pieces. Developed and produced by a couple in Jingdezhen, their work is the product of much experimentation with glazes and production methods. In this case, the results are pieces that are simple, yet refined, blending traditional and modern styling. These pieces are easy to appreciate when used together, but also complement whatever else might be on the tea table.

Similar to their teaware, the couple themselves are down to earth and calm. Aside from ceramics, they also enjoy wood working and crafting various things to give away to friends. And while we’ve enjoyed good tea with other artists in Jingdezhen, truly good raw puer is still not that common within the community. This made it quite the surprise when they brewed what, in our opinion, was some of the best stored and best tasting puer we’ve had outside of Yunnan. That alone earns serious points with us.

Origin Bamboo Wood Fired Gongdaobei
Origin Bamboo Wood Fired Gongdaobei

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Weight 135 g
Dimensions 9.5 × 8.5 × 8 cm
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