Black Pearl Wood Fired Jianshui Zitao Tea Jar

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These tea jars are made from pure Jianshui zitao (purple clay) that has been wood fired for several days straight, resulting in a metallic finish that shifts from black to red.

Storage-wise, they effectively create a microclimate for your tea to age in, protecting it from sudden changes in temperature or humidity. While you are free to store whatever tea you would like in it, we highly recommend these jars for puer, due to the reasons mentioned above.

This jar has a volume of approximately 1500-1700ml, making it suitable for storing approximately 1-2 full sized (357g) cakes, when broken up. If storing maocha, the capacity is significantly reduced.

As the effect of wood firing varies from piece to piece, the appearance of your jar may be slightly different than pictured. It’ll still look beautiful, but we just had to mention that.

Additional information

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 17 cm