Peak 357+ Jianshui Zitao Tong Tea Jar

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These zitao tea jars are made from 100% Jianshui purple clay. Each one has mountain design that has been engraved into the body. These jars not only serve as an effective long-term storage solution for your puer, but they also act as an attractive piece to display in your house. When guests come over and ask what beautiful, large jar is for, you now have another great starting point to talk their ear off about puer.

These larger format jars are designed to hold at least a full tong +2 of full sized puer cakes (9 x 357g cakes) without needing to break them up – possibly up to 10 cakes in total, depending on how thick the cakes were pressed.

Although it can be used to store any type of tea you choose, purple clay storage is quite beneficial for puer as it provides a stable environment and micro-climate to protect your tea from fluctuations in your environment’s temperature and humidity. This particular container is ideal as a long-term storage solution, but can also serve as a suitable container for cakes of similar age on the go.

Larger jars like these also work well for storing water. Simply rinse the jar well 2 or 3 times to remove any dust and excess clay, then fill the jar with water and allow to sit over night before emptying.

In case you need help filling your new jar, you will also receive a 10% discount on the purchase of any tong(s). The code will be automatically emailed separately after purchase, as well as visible by logging into your account. It can be used one time before May 1, 2023 on as many tongs as you choose. If you would like to purchase said tongs at the same time as the jar, we will gladly issue the discount in the form of a refund.

If you’re concerned about the breakage during shipping, then worry not. We have successfully sent many jars this size to various countries, without a single incident. Even if there is an unlikely mishap, we will refund or re-ship.

Please note that in order to ship these jars safely, they will be sent separately from other items in your order.

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Weight 5400 g
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 35 cm
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