UFO Jianshui Zitao Gaiwan – B Grade

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Please note: These gaiwans are all B Grade items due to a noticeable colour difference on the lid (pictured). This does not affect functionality, but the price has still been reduced. There is also one black gaiwan from our last batch that was just smaller than everything else, so it’s offered separately here, even though nothing’s wrong with it (it’s ok to be small).

The official successor to our classic Warrior gaiwans, these handmade pieces retain the same unique, reverse-tapered shape as the original. The differences between this gaiwan and the original lie in wall thickness and size. These gaiwans have a slightly thicker construction compared to their predecessor, however, still relatively thin overall. This has resulted in much better stability when firing, reducing both breakage and their price.

These gaiwans hold approximately 90ml (+/- 5ml) of liquid when filled to where the lid meets the body (except for one smaller gaiwan), making them great for solo or duo brewing. The size/shape is quite consistent, however, due to the width at the top, even slight differences in how low the lid sits will make a difference in volume.

We recommend trying various pouring methods to see what works best for you. Our favourite is to hold it clam-shell style, pictured, with the thumb on the top of the lid and fingers on the bottom of the body.

As there are made from unglazed clay, we recommend treating this gaiwan similar to an unglazed teapot and designating it for a specific type of tea. Each gaiwan comes with a hard case box.

A common practice with purple clay teaware (Jianshui zitao or Yixing Zisha) is to “season” it first. We personally have shied away from this more over time and just rinse the piece twice with boiling water, then use it consistently for 2 weeks in order to break it in.

But we understand that you may want to take it a step further. If so, our basic recommendation is:

  1. Check for clay deposits and scrape gently with a wooden or bamboo stick.
  2. Place the pot in boiled water and allow to sit for 30-60 minutes.
  3. Remove the pot and allow it to dry
  4. Boil some new or used tea leaves of the type that you plan to use this pot for, add the pot then allow it to sit for another 30-60 mins.
  5. Rinse with regular water and allow to dry
  6. Your new teapot or gaiwan is ready to be used!

After seasoning, it’s advised to designate the teapot or gaiwan for one type of tea (raw puer, ripe puer, oolong, black tea, etc) as the pot will slowly absorb the flavour and characteristics of the tea you use it for. If for some reason you use it with another type of tea, don’t worry. Your pot is not ruined or tainted. The process of raising it is cumulative and happens over a long period of time – one simple session of brewing tea won’t make a noticeable difference. However, one thing you should definitely not do is use soap or anything other than water to wash or rinse your pot. If it absorbs the properties of tea over time, it will also absorb anything else you put in it, especially anything perfumed or scented.

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 7 cm
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