Cizhou Impression Pot Support

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Made by the same studio as our Terra series teaware, these pieces represent a different style inspired by Cizhou (磁州窑 – a Song dynasty ceramic kiln) ceramics. Each of these elevated pot supports feature a fully handpainted floral or aviary (fancy word for bird) design.

Made in Jingdezhen, this studio particularly resonated with us upon finding them, as the artists have a tendency to reinvent themselves every few months. While they orbit around their core aesthetic taste, the work produced can vary greatly and depend on what their influences and inspiration at the time is. This means these teapots are limited, as their pieces and style change regularly.

Aside from having a creative process that pushes them to explore new styles, they also maintain a high level of quality control.

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Weight 240 g
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 3 cm

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