Zephyr Tea Tray – 3 Friends

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This series of teaware is made by a professional ceramics major in Jingdezhen. Each piece is a testament to her extensive training and unique perspective on traditional patterns and colour palettes. Meticulously hand-painted in fine detail, her work requires considerable time and attention to achieve such an elegant and refined result.

This tea tray features a primarily Qinghua style underglaze painting of the “3 friends”, with additional colours employed that not only resonate with the classic approach, but also bring a contemporary freshness to the piece.

But who are the 3 friends (aka “岁寒三友”)? Originating from the Song dynasty, this term directly refers to the subjects painted on these tea trays, which include bamboo, pine and a plum blossom. These plants are celebrated in Chinese culture for their ability to withstand cold weather without withering, further symbolizing perseverance and resilience.

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Weight 325 g
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 cm