Chaozhou Da Hong Pao Clay Drum Teapot

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These teapots are made from Chaozhou dahongpao red clay. Compared to Yixing clay, Chaozhou clay is a little bit more porous, and can similarly absorb the flavor and character of the tea you use them for, improving with continued use and developing a patina.

This clay also experiences less shrinkage during firing than other unglazed clays like Yixing zisha and Jianshui zitao. This results in Chaozhou pots often having extremely tight-fitting lids. The construction also tends to be smaller in size and with thinner walls, which make them suitable for brewing Dancong. This allows the pots to maintain a high temperature while brewing, but dissipate heat between brews so as not to draw out as much bitterness from the Dancong.

This particular “drum” shaped teapot features an extra wide lid opening, making it suitable for large chunks of puer. These pots hold approximately 55ml (+/- 5ml) of liquid with an approximately 7 second pour time.

These teapots come from a small studio in Chaozhou and include a certificate of completion by the artist, who previously spent much of his formative years honing his craft in Yixing.

As these are unglazed pieces, we recommend dedicating your teapot to one type of tea and avoiding the use of soap or detergents.

You may wish to season your teapot before using it. We advise doing so with caution, and to refrain from leaving the teapot in boiling water. If you wish to season it, allow the pot to rest in freshly boiled water for around 30 minutes. Remove the pot, rinse and dry. Change the water and bring it to a boil again, this time with some tea that you plan to use the pot for. After this water has come to a boil, let the pot rest in it for another 30 minutes or so, rinse and dry. Repeat as desired. Please be mindful of sudden and/or drastic temperature changes, as these can end up breaking a new teapot, as opposed to breaking it in. Or you can do what we do – rinse twice with boiling water and use the teapot every day for 2 weeks (or as much as you can).

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