Body & Soul 2021 Dianhong Black Tea & Ripe Puer



With some minor tweaks for 2021, it’s back: A beautiful marriage of Bangdong black tea and Bulang shou puer.

This experimental blend represents the best of both worlds. Bangdong black tea provides an immediate sweetness and enticing fragrance up front. Meanwhile the Bulang shou puer holds things down in terms of mouthfeel and texture, but without any noticeable earthiness or interference in terms of fragrance.

The overall experience is a balanced and highly enjoyable one, as again, we ask ourselves how we didn’t think of this earlier.

After storing the 2020 version for one year, we were also pleasantly surprised at how this tea developed with one year of storage. While this is an excellent tea for drinking now, it can also develop and mellow out with time in storage.


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