Older & Wiser 80s Liu Bao Heicha



From the same decade that spawned the A-Team, Madonna and slap bracelets, this Liu Bao has managed to outlast 2 of out 3 of them. Aged somewhere in the area of 40 years – approximations of a decade are normal for Liu Bao – this tea offers a exceptionally thick texture and creamy quality.

Time has also softened this tea significantly, leaving any bitterness in the past. There is a light, but not overpowering medicinal fragrance, along with cacao notes. Overall, the fragrance is woven in seamlessly, supporting the smooth texture, rather taking over. This tea has been stored in Guangxi its entire lifetime, undergoing a proper “waking up” period that has left it clear of any storage scent.

This tea is also not shy in terms of energy/chaqi. While this can affect everyone a bit differently, we found it quite noticeable, especially on an empty stomach. With that said, even in more intense moments it remained pleasant. This tea is a treat for those who have the time to take it in fully.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    A memorable, very rich tea tasting. Energy and comfort in liquid form. Wow!
    //Smell: Earthy/shou-like notes, wet trail, mushrooms, dead fall leaves, hot chocolate (dark), tobacco
    //Texture: Super creamy and thick texture (almost sticky), heat on the palate
    //Taste: Wet earth, mineral, light medicinal notes, dark chocolate, dried flowers, clay, warm spices
    //Body sensation: Resonating heartbeat, body heat, light headed, energy

    *This tea will give you loooot of brews! Get prepared haha*

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