Last But Not Least



When you buy a lot of tea, it’s inevitable that you’ll just be left with broken pieces in the end. And then what? Unless you’re a giant tea company that bags it and puts it on a supermarket shelf, it likely goes to waste.

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of teas come and go. What’s often left behind is a lot of leaves that are too broken to sell at full price, and certainly more than we could drink ourselves.

It’s also safe to say that these teas are head and shoulders above supermarket grade teas, so why should they go to waste over a few broken leaves and some dust?

That’s why we’re offering these (still tasty) leftovers for a token amount. Each pack will include a generous amount of tea (at least 40g). We highly recommend picking up some DIY tea bags so that you can then fill these teabags to conveniently brew western or gongfu style.

Although each tea is labelled by type (black, white, oolong, raw puer), the exact tea you receive will be a surprise, ranging from Hekai gushu, to high mountain Yashixiang dancong or any other tea we’ve carried in the past. We trust fate will match you with the right tea though.

Limit 1 per person, per order.


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