Beast 2017 Fall Lao Ban Zhang Raw Puer



Lao Ban Zhang is a village that likely needs no introduction. With the highest prices of anywhere come springtime, it’s sought after for its aggressive, yet rich, flavour that quickly transforms to sweetness – traits all embodied by this tea. The huigan is strong and long; the energy powerful. The desire of experienced and rookie drinkers alike to own and experience a piece of this village has consequently led to higher prices, demand, and imposters of varying accuracy.

The real question is, is the hype worth it? We sourced this tea directly from a farmer in Laobanzhang in order to allow you to answer the question for yourself.

While we considered going all the way and using Spring 2018 material, we settled on Fall 2017 mixed picking material for this pressing in order to achieve a balance between quality and affordability. Yes, this cake is what you can considered an “affordable” tea from LBZ, with spring material priced considerably higher – at least 2x or more. This tea, however, still exemplifies the traits and qualities that have made the village famous. Don’t be fooled, it is anything but lacking in power and flavour.


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2 reviews for Beast 2017 Fall Lao Ban Zhang Raw Puer

  1. 5 out of 5

    MM (verified owner)

    A great and wonderful tea. After many years drinking all teas, I really thought Cha Qi was sort of an esoteric myth until having Bitterleaf Naka. Then I had Beast. It’s the first tea that had a serious effect on me.
    Taste wise is quite complex compared to other raw young puer. Offering many many steeps. I leafed this at 10g for a 150mL shiboridashi. I had it all myself –which could account for some of the feeling.
    1 rinse 5s. Bottled Water was 205 mostly. At around steep 3-4 i started feeling it. After steep 10 got nice and smooth and sweet. It actually made me feel a little dumbstruck. Get a sample. Leaf it decently, have lots and “brew for good times.”

  2. 4 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    //Eyes dry leaf: Hairy leaves; colors from beige to fudge brown.
    //Nose dry leaf: Creamy honey, sweetness of flowers in summer
    //Nose wet leaf: Cooked vegetables. Wet rocks
    //Eyes liquor: Apple juice
    //Mouth texture: Thick texture. Tingling on the tip of the tongue. Generous mouth coating
    //Mouth taste: Fresh jeans coming out of the washer. Mineral. Rocks in front of a river
    //Nose Empty Cup: Morning freshness at summer
    //Mouth finish: Small sensation of dry mouth
    //Eyes wet Leaf: Army green, ocher, sienna
    //Body sensation: Mental awakeness, light headed
    //Brewing notes: 1 gram per 16 mL of 90°C water. 10 sec + 3 sec
    //Overall impression: Long lasting tea. Excellent for extended tea session and brainstorming

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