Big Old Ass Tree 2021 Hekai Raw Puer



This wasn’t supposed to happen. Our 2021 plan for spring didn’t include bringing this tea back, but tasting it changed all of that. Then again, we still have a lot of love for the 2019 version, so perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised.

There is a lot to work with when it comes to this tea. The flavour is deep and rich, with a pleasant kuwei (bitterness) that develops into sweetness. Compared to villages further south (Banzhang, Laomane, etc), this feature is less aggressive and easier to accept, taking a more balanced approach between bitterness and fragrance.

The experience is rounded out with a full, mouth-coating feel and plenty of energy. As this tea develops nicely with each brew, we recommend taking your time and enjoying it during more focused sessions.

This tea comes from some old-ass trees in Manlong village, Hekai. Treatment of the trees in this area are strictly controlled by the local government, meaning no pesticides, over-picking or synthetic fertilizer – there are plenty of wild pigs (adorable “wintermelon pigs”, to be specific) and chickens running around to help with that.

Picking period: Pre-April 1


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