Big Old Ass Tree 2023 Hekai Raw Puer



We have a lot of love for Hekai, and in a dry spring like this, it only made sense to indulge ourselves (and by extension you too) and press this tea again.

Located just a few km away from other notable villages, such as Laobanzhang, Laomane and Banpen, this tea shares some of the same qualities, having a notable kuwei (pleasant bitterness) and deep flavour, but in a more accessible package. Overall, the bitterness is less brash, leaving more room to enjoy the aroma.

As it’s to be expected from higher end puer, the soup texture is thick, rolling and expanding in the mouth. The bitterness quickly dissolves into sweetness, producing a juicy and satisfying huigan (returning sweetness). This is one of those teas we recommend enjoying during a focused session in order to fully appreciate the development of energy and flavour from brew to brew.

This tea comes from some old-ass trees in Manlong village, Hekai. Treatment of the trees in this area are strictly controlled by the local government, meaning no pesticides, over-picking or synthetic fertilizer – there are plenty of wild pigs (adorable “wintermelon pigs”, to be specific) and chickens running around to help with that.

Picking period: April 1-5


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