Element 2023 Tieguanyin Ooolong



This tea is great introduction to oolong for beginner drinkers, as well as a pleasant daily drinker for those with more experience. Made from fall material, known for having a high fragrance and a creamy scent, this tea delivers notes of orchid, as well as a pleasant, uplifting energy.

For gongfu brewing, we recommend brewing this tea with standard parameters for ball oolongs: 1ml to 18g of tea ratio, quick in-and-out pours for the first 3 infusions, then add 5-10 seconds (or to taste) per brew after that. If western brewing, then a first brew of 20 seconds in a 350-400ml vessel should be suitable, adding 10-20 seconds (or to taste) per brew after that.

Each pack contains approximately 7g.

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