Gentle Giant 2022 Pasha Raw Puer



While this tea has all the power and might to sit you on your ass, it defies expectations with a refined and complex side as well. An initial roughness and kuwei (pleasant bitterness) are loud up front, but this tea settles down quickly, with the flavour remaining, like a long-lasting echo in the mouth. There is a nice huigan and lingering sweetness, but the early and mid portion of each sip highlight a savoury quality. Our experiences with this tea in its youngest state even yielded notes of wild mushroom.

The difference quality of material makes is highlighted by a smooth and viscous texture that fills the mouth, along with an uplifting chaqi/energy. The environment for these trees is also exactly what we look for when working with new sources. Aside from spring picking, there is barely any human intervention on the land these trees grow on. Aside from lack of use of pesticides and fertilizer, that also means no weeding or picking during summer, fall or winter (not that anyone picks during winter anyway).

We highly recommend trying this tea in comparison with our Great Expectations Pasha (qiaomu), which uses younger tree material from a similarly maintained environment. While this comparison emphasizes the subtle differences between quality of material, there is also a notable difference in terms of fragrance and experience.

Picking period: Pre-April 3


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  1. 5 out of 5


    Strong aromatics from the get-go. It’s a fresh, tart berry and stonefruit skin medley from the dry leaf alone. However, as soon as said leaves hit water, the profile shifts completely. Now it’s truffle oil, warm broth, sweet forest tones. As soon as I found that cooked mushroom note, it stuck around for the whole session. A bit of pleasant astringency and bitterness develops over steeps, and overall the texture is soft, somewhat grainy, and very warming. Spot on theming here.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I had a few sessions of this from the Top Shelf Treat Yourself pack. Gentle Giant may be complex, but it’s also easy to drink.

    Sweet, vegetal, and deep; it brews and brews happily. Loads of flavours, really accessible, and a solid sheng with a lot going for it. Being a higher quality pick raw puerh, it would be a bit costly as an everyday drinker, but I’d certainly love to drink this one every day if I had the chance!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    I’m so grateful for this session. I beg you to treat yourself on this one.

    //Smell : Deep, complex, fruit sugar, clean clothes drying on the clothesline, pleasing astringency, wet leather, wet hay, candied fruits, freshness of a earth trail in nature
    //Texture : Extra-thick (almost sticky) texture, tingling in the cheeks, warming effect in the mouth that lasts quite a long time between each sip
    //Taste : Forest hay?, vegetal vivacity, root vegetables, mushrooms with soil on them, rocks, unknown spice that needs to be determine
    //Body sensation: Serenity, inner peace, present moment

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