Gentle Giant 2024 Pasha Raw Puer



Back for the 3rd consecutive years, this year’s tea maintains the same bigger big character, but in an approachable package. While Pasha is often touted as “70% Laobanzhang” due to its similarities, our opinion is that tea from this region can be as or more enjoyable than some of it more famous neighbors to the west.

An initial roughness and kuwei (pleasant bitterness) are loud up front, but this tea settles down quickly, with the flavour remaining, like a long-lasting echo in the mouth. There is a nice huigan and lingering sweetness, but the early and mid portion of each sip highlight a savoury quality. In line with our initial pressing, this year’s tea even has a slight mushroom quality to it.

The environment for these trees is also exactly what we like to see. Outside of spring picking, there is barely any human intervention on the land these trees grow on. That means no use of pesticides and fertilizer, as well as no weeding or picking during summer, fall or winter (not that anyone picks during winter anyway).

The difference quality of material makes is highlighted by a smooth and viscous texture that fills the mouth, along with an uplifting chaqi/energy.

With 2 years of storing this tea under our belt, this is also one of the most consistent performing teas we’ve come across, with no flat periods. As such we highly recommend doubling up on (or tong-ing) this tea to both drink now and store for later.

Region: Pasha Zhongzhai, Pasha, Xishaungbanna Prefecture
Picking Period: April 4-9

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