Higher Ground 2024 Spring Tianmenshan Raw Puer



This is yet another instance where our love of Yiwu region teas is validated. As this tea’s noticeable chaqi/energy takes you higher, the in-flight service offers a floral fragrance, slight citrus note, and nectar sweetness. The flavour coats and sticks to the mouth, creating a full feeling. Although there is plenty of flavour to hold on to, this tea is classically soft and sweet, with minimal bitterness, as a good Yiwu tea should be.

Unsurprisingly, this tea owes much of its good qualities to the incredible environment it comes from. Located just next to the border with Laos and a stone’s throw from Wangong and Bohetang, the Tianmenshan features plenty of gaogan (tall pole) tea trees. These ancient trees lie in a remote, well-protected forest environment. Just getting to the land requires significant effort, not to mention the difficulty and risk to pick these 10-30 meters tall giants.

Similar to this year’s Wanderlust, we feel this tea outperforms for its price, even as a premium offering.

Region: Tianmenshan, Yiwu, Xishuangbanna Prefecture
Picking Period: April 3-9

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