Jingmai 2022 Raw Puer Huangpian



This Jingmai huangpian raw puer is floral, smooth and sweet. Truly a treat for any budget. You can check out this tea’s fresh-growth counterpart to give you a little more of an idea what to expect.

As with each of our huangpian teas for 2022, $5 from the sale of each cake will go towards supporting various causes, with this tea’s portion supporting the Yunnan Green Environment Development Foundation (YGF). YGF supports various programs within Yunnan centered around climate change, biodiversity conservation, sustainable community development, and water resource protection.

This tea will specifically support YGF’s Water Purification Program for Students in Mountain Areas, which provides access to clean drinking water, hot water and education on the importance of clean drinking water to schools in remote areas of Yunnan.

This issue largely affects local minorities in rural Yunnan, for example the Wa people in Cangyuan county. In 2016, out of the 102 elementary schools (representing 26 000 people) in this county, only 4 had water purification facilities. Lack of clean drinking water and even cups to drink from has meant that most kids have to suffer with intestinal issues. Many impoverished families in Yunnan don’t realize the importance of clean drinking water, let alone can afford proper cups for drinking, which also leads to re-using plastic bottles with harmful side effects.

These students also lack access to hot water, making harsh winters in the mountains unbearable as children have to deal with red faces, cracked skin and frozen hands.

Because of the long distance between home and school, many kids live at these schools (up to 90% in some districts), highlighting the importance of providing clean water access at the schools. This program allocates 60% of funds towards water purification and heating equipment, 30% towards education, awareness and environmentally friendly drinking cups, and the remaining 10% towards operational costs.

You can learn more about the foundation here (English), as well as this specific program here (Chinese only). Due to the lack of a channel for cross-border donations, if you wish to donate further to this cause, please contact us and we will gladly facilitate.


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3 reviews for Jingmai 2022 Raw Puer Huangpian

  1. 3 out of 5

    Martin Ödman

    This one is smooth for a huang pian. It doesn’t have much of that acidity that I see as the main drawback of huang pian. But it doesn’t have much else going on either in terms of fragrance or body feel. Has some nice minerality and the soup is pleasant to drink though. Maybe my sample wasn’t rested enough before trying.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    You’ll have drunk it all before you realize it. Super easy drinker!

    //Smell : Nice floral summer breeze, almond paste, zesty, vegetal, rocky
    //Texture: Medium texture, ‘fresh’ coating of the gums, heat all over the palate
    //Taste : Vegetal, crisp, more in texture than in taste, steamed dumplings, orange zest cookie dough, rough, rock
    //Body sensation: Great appreciation of the present moment, increasing heartbeat, a bit of heat generation

  3. 5 out of 5


    De aroma doce e floral, lembra em muito o aroma de alguns oolongs, pincipalmente o Bouquet Huanpian. tanto nas folhas secas quanto úmidas e aquecidas. O licor é suave, doce e levemente acido. Um mix de morangos e um bouquet de flores apresentados de maneira bem equilibrada. Um chá realmente fácil de se beber vários litros.

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