Plum Beauty 2016 Mengsong Ripe Puer
Plum Beauty 2016 Mengsong Ripe Puer
Plum Beauty 2016 Mengsong Ripe Puer
Plum Beauty 2016 Mengsong Ripe Puer
Plum Beauty 2016 Mengsong Ripe Puer
Plum Beauty 2016 Mengsong Ripe Puer
Plum Beauty 2016 Mengsong Ripe Puer
Plum Beauty 2016 Mengsong Ripe Puer

Plum Beauty 2016 Mengsong Ripe Puer



Our 2016 Plum Beauty ripe puer is a special tea in our lineup. Using the same Mengsong old tree material as our 2017 Plum Beauty Silver, this tea is of much higher quality than most commonly found ripe puers, which is immediately noticeable from the first sip. It also adds an additional level of comparison with the rest of our Plum Beauty teas, allowing a direct comparison of old tree Mengsong material processed as raw and ripe puer.

This tea brews up thick and smooth, and features a dried plum sweetness and gentle wood scent. Having been taken off the pile in October 2016 and pressed in October of 2017, this is an exceptionally clean ripe with minimal “dui wei” or offensive flavours. As this tea is quite thick, we recommend using slightly less leaf than normal and/or ensuring short steeping times (fast in, fast out) for the first several infusions. However, if you like your shou puer nice and thick, just carry on as usual!

The garden for this tea is located in the northern region of Mengsong (Menghai county), just a few kilometers south of Naka, at an altitude between 1800-1900m. Mengsong is noted for its small leaf varietal tea trees.

We worked together on these teas with a friend (Mei) who has been leasing these gardens for the past 10 years and has a contract that extends well into the next decade. Her conscientious approach to maintaining the land and meticulous oversight of these teas’ production made them an easy choice for pressing.


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6 reviews for Plum Beauty 2016 Mengsong Ripe Puer

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sara (verified owner)

    A very special shou, indeed. If you’re put off by the earthy piling flavor (which reminds me of ripening compost) present in so many ripe pu’erhs, this will be a welcome sigh of relief. It yields a thick, dark liquor with a gentle sweetness and no bitterness. This will be the tea I turn to when I’m craving an especially comforting, soul-nurturing tea session.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    The leaves have a lovely copper-brown color that smells like campfire who has been hit by the rain. Humid forest, rocks, waterfalls, trail in the wood; very nice! The wet leaves have an additional old leather side. The liquor is really dense and opaque. The thick texture comes with a little tingling on the end/top of the tongue. Warm and comforting: woods, fruit bush and cozy night in pajama.

  3. 5 out of 5

    hollywaxwing (verified owner)

    Hands down the best young shou puerh I’ve ever had. It has the same clarity of other high end shou that has aged much longer, and the infusion color is very rich no matter how short the steep time. Great endurance and complexity. I drank through two samples of this already, but I’m saving my cake to age out a bit longer. I definitely recommend trying side-by-side with their other plum beauty sheng offerings as well! The gold dragonball version has incredible mouth activity and huigan.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Sheilah Newberry (verified owner)

    This is a great shou! It is sweet and has no signs of bitterness, and is overall very unique. The liquor is dark and beautiful, and the tea is very satisfying. The wood scent you get in the flavor is extraordinary and so unique to this tea. This is one I will definitely come back to over and over.

  5. 5 out of 5

    carpet blanket

    This tea is very excellent but needs more leaf that you might use for another shou. It brews light otherwise. Still tasty, but using what, for another tea, i might consider “too much” is the best way to have this.

  6. 5 out of 5

    João (verified owner)

    This tea changed my opinion of shu puer.

    Years ago I tried a shu so vile that it made me swear off this entire category of tea. I avoided it like the plague. Recently, however, I started working up the courage to give shu another try and ended up settling on this as a good candidate.

    Clearly I made the right choice, since I absolutely loved it. True to its description, it’s an exceptionally clean tea with hardly any dui wei or offensive flavours. I found it to be an extremely comforting tea, with a sweet and slightly woody flavour profile.

    If you’ve tried and disliked shu in the past, or are thinking about trying it for the first time, this is a perfect tea to get.

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