Famous Six 2014 Fall Ancient Tree Terroir Tasting Set


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Comprised of 2014 fall ancient tree material, this tasting set offers an opportunity to explore the characteristics and differences between the “6 famous tea mountains”. Also known as the the 6 ancient tea mountains, the members include Yiwu (Mansa), Manzhuan, Yibang, Gedeng, Mangzhi and Youle. While the designation of this title and historical foundations for it are unclear at best, these mountains were previously the source of tribute teas in Imperial China.

The purpose of this tasting set is to provide two things.

One is the chance to observe the subtle changes between raw puers of nearby regions and differing varietal. Each mountain represents an incremental movement west and towards a distinctly different character. This is most easily noticed when directly comparing the Youle and Yiwu teas, which demonstrates a trade off of fragrance for bitterness.

Two is simply really good tea. The mountains in question have tea producing regions of varying sizes, and within those regions a variety of unique characteristics. One aspect of this tasting set that we wish to achieve is setting as even a playing field as possible. In making the teas as uniform in quality as possible, fall ancient tree material made the most sense, as it offers excellent quality and enjoyment without higher cost of its spring counterpart. Comparisons aside, these six teas are also thoroughly enjoyable and ones that we recommend to any Yiwu/Banna region puer lovers.

This set is only offered in a 150g size (6 x 25g). This decision was made both due to limited availability and for accessibility. Originally sourced for the purpose of comparison, these teas have been held by a close source in exceptionally well monitored and controlled Jinghong storage since being pressed in late 2014.

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