Naka 2018 Spring Raw Puer


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Sometimes a name is enough. In this tea’s case, Naka is all that’s needed.

This tea packs a punch, with a very strong chaqi and body feeling. The fragrance and flavour are alluring, exhibiting a noticeable peach-like flavour and strong sweetness in the later steeps. There is also a strong cup scent left behind in the early brews.

While we’ll refrain from throwing around any tree age figures, we will say that this tea is made from very old and very large trees, of which all are numbered. This is reflected in the brewed tea, with a dense soup that is not necessarily loud up front, but exceptionally thick in the middle of the mouth. The huigan and aftertaste is also quite strong, causing a noticeable salivating sensation.

Much of the terrain around Naka is quite rocky, which is why tea from here is also said to possess “yanyun” – a term that vaguely refers to the appeal/effect/qualities that a rocky region imparts on tea from there, most often associated with Wuyi yancha. This group of qualities can include the chagi/energy, texture, taste and huigan/lingering fragrance. The exact translation of the term may be a bit elusive, but it’s safe to say tea from Naka enjoys the benefit of coming from a unique environment.

We recommend taking it slow and drinking this tea when you have the time and ability to focus. Drinking this tea is like having a conversation with a wise, old man. Take a short break midway through (6th or 7th brew) to appreciate the huigan and sensory aspects, as the tea will still have plenty to offer upon returning.

Artwork for this tea’s wrapper is courtesy of UK based textile designer and illustrator, Sofia Salazar, aka Hiedra. You should definitely check out her work and browse her shop, as well as follow her on Instagram.

This tea is available as a 100g cake, or 7g dragon balls sold individually or a pack of 3.


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